Is the Part B premium "Means Tested"?

The short answer is, Yes.  For more detailed information, including income benchmarks, please see Blog #1 under the "BLOG HISTORY" tab.

What are the differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans?

There are numerous differences, please refer to Blog #2 under the "BLOG HISTORY" tab for the answer to this question.

Which Part D Plan (Rx Coverage) is best for you?

There are 26 Part D Plans offered in Massachusetts for 2015, see Blog #3 under the "BLOG HISTORY" tab.


What is the difference between the Med Sup "One" plan and the "Core" plan?


The "Core" plan does not cover the Medicare hospital deductible of $1260 in 2015 or the doctor deductible of $147,  Some "Core" plans do not offer coverage outside of the USA.  There are more differences to consider.  Please refer to "BLOG #4 for more information.


Is Part D also "Means Tested"?


Yes.  Please refer to "BLOG #5" for the income benchmarks associatied with the additional charges that may apply to your Part D premium.