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The Importance of Medicare Supplement Insurance:

Medicare and private insurance companies have teamed up to help reduce the out-of-pocket medical expenses that plague many people, 65 and older. This coverage is called Medicare Supplement Insurance. There are four parts to Medicare.

  • Part A = Hospital Insurance (Inpatient Hospital Care & Hospice)

  • Part B = Medical Insurance (Doctor Visits & Preventative Care)

  • Part C = Medicare Advantage (Private Insurance Company Coverage, approved by Medicare)

  • Part D = Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Supplement Insurance: What it is and how you use it.

Medicare Supplement Insurance helps you pay medical bills as Medicare will typically pay 80% of their allowed expenses and your Medicare supplement provider will pay the balance, so that you will have little, or no out-of-pocket costs to pay to doctors or hospitals. 


Many private insurance companies are Medicare Supplement Insurance providers. To use these plans, you simply give your doctor, or hospital, your Medicare card and your Medicare Supplement Insurance card. They will first bill Medicare to see what will be covered. Anything that is left will be sent to your Medicare Supplement Insurance Providers. These policies together will usually pay all or most of your medical expenses.


Medicare Supplement Insurance Gives you Access to All Doctors and 
Hospitals that Accept Medicare.  That means that NO REFERRALS are required.


What Medicare Supplement Insurance costs you will vary depending on which plan you choose. We can provide you with a quote for multiple companies simply by filling out our quote request. There are many plans available, and we can help you select the plan that best fits your situation.  All at no cost to you.


Medicare Supplement Insurance is an individual choice, but one that can save you money in the long run. If you have the means to keep up with the premiums, you will have the security and peace of mind knowing that when big bills arise, you will have more than just Medicare to rely on. You will be able to control and plan your costs, which is becoming more and more important in the current national economic environment. If you are on a fixed income, it is imperative.


Medicare Advantage plans, not to be confused with a Medicare Supplement plan, are generally required to cover the same services that Original Medicare covers. Some may also cover prescription drugs and dental or vision care. Medicare Advantage plans may give you some discounts or pay for services that Original Medicare may not cover. Original Medicare allows you to see just about any doctor and go to any hospital that accepts Medicare payments, which most providers accept. But Medicare Advantage plans may restrict you to the doctors and hospitals in the plan's network.

We offer highly rated plans in Massachusetts:

To get a Medicare plan, either an Advantage or Supplemental plan, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B. If you're 65 and receive Social Security checks, you're usually automatically enrolled for Part A and Part B. Medicare supplement plans (or Medigap plans) may offer benefits in addition to the benefits offered by traditional Medicare Parts A and B.There are different types of Medicare supplement plans which cover the Medicare deductibles or require you to cover the deductibles. Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans are not complementary, so it is important for you and our skilled agents to understand which type of policy makes the most sense for you. Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan is easy. Call us at 781-431-7550, or fill out our form to get a free Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage quote and consultation.


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