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There are currently 26 Part D Plans (Rx Coverage) offered in Massachusetts...

Which is Best for You?

You have decided that you need a "Stand Alone" Part D plan either because you have Medicare only or a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap Plan). Let's assume that you have elected to choose a Medicare Supplement Plan because you want to be able to go to any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. You're not a big fan of referrals and want to avoid having to be told which specialist to use. OK fine, but you'll still need to elect a Part D plan to cover your prescriptions. So what's the best Part D plan available to fit your situation?

We suggest that you go to:

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and see which Part D plans are available in your area. You will need to enter your zip code. This tool provides useful information to help you review Medicare drug plans based on your current prescription needs. The drug costs displayed are estimates and may vary based on the specific quantity, strength, and/or dosage of medication. Variations are also impacted by whether you use mail away and which pharmacy you use.

Unlike Medicare Supplement plans, which can be selected monthly, Part D plans can only be selected during the Annual Open Enrollment (Oct 15 to Dec 7) for an effective date of January 1, or during a 7 month window around your 65th birthday, or at Special Election Periods. Special Election Periods generally result when you retire and leave your employer's health plan, move from the service area or at other times defined by Medicare.

Part D Plans vary widely. The most expensive does not mean that it's the best for you. Use the website noted above and you can save money by selecting the best plan tailored to fit your needs. OR... you can contact us and we will research it for you.

P.S. Please note that unlike Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans can include Part D coverage built into the product, but not always. It's a choice. This gets confusing. You cannot elect a stand-alone Part D Plan, if you intend to use it with a Medicare Advantage Plan. In fact, if you do, you will be automatically disenrolled from your Medicare Advantage Plan.

P.P.S. Also, selecting a Part D plan is not mandatory, but you may incur a penalty if you do not take the option when you first become eligible for it.

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