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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Extra Medicare Charges for Part D are associated with


Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. Most people know that the basic plan design has an annual deductible, cost sharing, a coverage gap (sometimes referred to as the "donut hole") and then catastrophic coverage. What they usually don't know is that Part D, like Part B, is "means tested", so the more you make over a certain threshold the more premium you will have to pay. Even at the highest of income levels, Part D is still a pretty good value. The chart below indicates how much additional you will have to pay for Part D when your income (they look back two years) exceeds specified limits:

Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)

     (Line 37 of Itemized Federal Tax Return)

2020 Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount

for Part D Coverage:

Note:  If you are retiring and your income is being reduced, the higher income from 2018 can be contested on Form SSA-44. This form is provided by the Social Security Administration, or you can get a copy from STONER & Company

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