Kathy Barniak

AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans) Certified
Medicare Consultant/Licensed Broker (MA & NH)

Experience working in the Medicare field since 1994

  • Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred, 1994-2016
    • Provider Strategy Manager
    • Supervisor, Field Sales
    • Senior Field Sales Representative
    • Member Education Specialist
  • STONER & Co., Licensed Medicare agent, 2017-present

Medicare expert with answers you can trust:

  • What type of Medicare Health plan is best for you?
  • Which Part D Plan (prescription coverage) is your best value?
  • When must you make a decision?
  • When should you apply for Parts A and B?
  • Is a Supplement or Advantage plan best for you?
  • What's the difference between Medicare Advantage HMOs, PPOs and Medicare Supplements?
  • Can you reduce your health care costs?
  • What is a Part D plan and how does it work?
  • Do you need a Part D plan? If so, how much will it cost?
  • What is Part C?
  • Will you be covered when you travel?
  • Do you need a referral to see a specialist?
  • What about deductibles and co-payments?
  • Must you use physicians that are part of a network?
  • Which hospital can you use?
  • Are you eligible for a discount if you elect a Medicare Supplement plan?

Schedule an individual meeting with Medicare expert, Kathy Barniak. With over 27 years of experience in Medicare sales, consultation and education, she has worked with individuals who are in the process of choosing their Medicare plan for the first time, as well as existing Medicare beneficiaries who are looking to review their current Medicare plan during the Annual Enrollment Period. She has also conducted many Medicare 101 seminars for businesses and community groups. To schedule an initial consultation, call Kathy at (617) 875-3895, email at kathy@stonermedicare.com or select the “Schedule a Meeting” button on this page.